Concierge & Room Service

Upon crossing the entrance gate of Casa Abracadabra, the start line of your personal experience will have begun. Your stay is the most important thing and that is why we have a permanent concierge service to welcome you and assist you in everything you need: transfers, recommendations of the best places in Marrakech, shopping routes, specialized guides and endless tourist and cultural activities. All rooms and public areas have a golden magic button. If you ring, in a few minutes a waiter will appear from whom you can ask for what you need.



Countless spaces where you can enjoy authentic local food and international dishes: based on products from the market that are slow-cooked.
Casa Abracadabra’s kitchen uses the most select and varied products: our fruits and vegetables are received every morning: we source from the local market. The quality of the products together with the touch of our chef, makes each dish a true delight, both the most traditional and the most international classics.

All dishes can be served in any room: indoor restaurant, terrace around the pool, private rooms on the terrace or inside, glass house, wine cellar, terrace touching the stars, English bar…


As approaching the evening, Bar Babouche opens its doors. Located in the middle of the garden, wines, drinks, assorted cocktails and appetizers are served… The decoration is unique: mirrors, black and white pictures of old snapshots of Marrakech and wooden floors make the atmosphere enveloping and relaxing with the best music background.


The pool is a pearl in the middle of the countryside surrounded by olive and palm trees where you can enjoy a sun lounger under the shade of an olive tree, take a refreshing swim or have a good cocktail accompanied by any dish from our pool menu. In the pool you will find umbrellas, sunbeds, hats and towels so you just have to relax and unwind.

Casa Abracadabra has two large areas where you can bask in the sun:
Sun loungers and shade around the pool facing south, east and west allow you to enjoy the sun throughout the day.
Solarium clouds of olive trees. Sun loungers on the terrace, there is no shade to shelter.
In addition, many of the rooms have a private terrace with a bathtub and loungers where you can sunbathe and relax.


Hammam, massage, hairdresser…

The Spa is a space where time seems to slow down. It has a traditional hammam where various treatments can be performed, an interior massage cabin and two outdoor massage tables in its pretty patio. In addition, all facials, manicures, and pedicures are available.
The Spa has two basins for treatment, rest and subsequent foot massage, very convenient after a busy day of walking through the souk. Book at reception in advance or at the spa itself. Hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


  • The Outdoor Gym has mats, weights, rubber bands, TRX and a punching bag so you can enjoy playing sports outdoors.
  • The Library: if you are looking to isolate yourself and enjoy in peace, this is your place. It has a wide variety of books of all genres, as well as two card tables to play bridge, poker, mus, chess… or dominoes.
  • From cooking lessons, to learning how to make round Moroccan bread in a traditional wood-fired oven, pottery courses, calligraphy classes… or simply a business seminar.



The exquisiteness and meticulous care in the selection of all the furniture of the House and its natural materials such as bamboo or eucalyptus make these places of rest extraordinary places to relax and blend in with the environment surrounded by nature. Many nooks and crannies: under a palm tree, on a bench in the shade of an olive tree, on a terrace with a view, lying on the lawn or in a lounge full of soft cushions.
Relax in the African Lounge: an open, covered space with comfortable striped sofas.
Enjoy a glass of wine around the fireplace in the main living room, decorated with wonderful latticework on all its walls, chaise lounges and comfortable sofas. Have a relaxed mint tea under our Berber tent with some fresh pastries with a view of the entire garden.


de fleurs d´Ines

Bucolic and wonderful place to isolate. Its good taste for flower arrangements makes this corner a magical place. The fine and simple construction of glass and iron make this wonderful room one of the most photogenic places in Casa Abracadabra.
Flower workshops where the basic techniques are taught to make a beautiful bouquet or a centerpiece.
Additionally, Casa Abracadabra has an ideal greenhouse where private dinners for up to 24 people or business meetings are prepared with: screen and projector for conferences and work exhibitions. Maximum capacity of up to 32 people.


The fine and simple construction of glass and iron make this wonderful space something very special. The hanging plants and the great botany make it possibly one of the most photogenic sites in Casa Abracadabra.

The place is ideal for private dinners of up to 24 people.
It also has facilities for meetings, screen and projector for conferences and work exhibitions with a maximum capacity of 32 people.

Wine Room

Step into the ‘Wine Room’, our private lounge carefully hidden beneath the Babouche bar. In this sanctuary, light dances with each bottle, creating an atmosphere of mystery and sophistication, where the absence of windows intensifies its intimate and exclusive character.

More than just a room, it is a stage that is transformed and adapted to the needs of each guest. Whether for private dinners or special celebrations, everything is thoughtfully prepared to reflect the essence of the occasion. Our primary aim is to make each guest feel as if they were the star of the moment, taking care of every detail to make the experience unique and unforgettable.

Main Lounge

The finest place in the hotel to disconnect and pause time. Cozy, involving and fascinating; there is nothing better to let yourself go than to dive into your books lying on a chaise longue next to the fire, there is nothing else like it.


As children are children and they must be entertained, in this area they can enjoy themselves and have a great time. Ping pong table, dart board, craft area, TV room and workshops of all kinds are some of the activities that take place in this space.

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