What time can I check into my room?

From 3pm.


What time do I have to check out?

By 11am, but ask if there’s an option for a late check out.


What are the reception opening hours?

From 8 am to 10 pm.


Is there Wi-Fi access in the hotel? Is it free?

Yes, in all common areas, in all stays, and in all rooms.


Do you have a Spa and Fitness area?

We have a spa where you can have a hammam, massages, facial treatments, manicure…


How can I get to the hotel?

You can request a transfer from the hotel at preferential prices with 30 minutes notice, or come by regular taxi or with a rental car. It’s just 12km from the main square of Marrakech, Jamaa el Fna.


How do we have mobile data to communicate during our stay?

We advise buying a SIM card for 100, 150, or 200 dirhams (approximately 10, 15, or 20 euros) at the airport from Maroc Telecom, Orange, or Inwi. Inquire which one is compatible with your phone.”


Is there parking at the hotel?

Yes, and it ‘s free.


Do you have room service?

Yes, from 8 am to midnight. In each of the rooms and stays, there’s a “magic” golden button to call the hotel staff who will attend to your needs as soon as possible.


We will travel by plane. Do you have a transfer service from the airport?

Yes, at a preferential price, please send an email to info@casaabracadabra.com with the name of your reservation, and flight details and schedule. The transfer amount will be added to your bill.


What’s the weather like in Marrakech?

Marrakech enjoys warm weather year-round. In the summer, temperatures can exceed 40°C (104°F), but they drop significantly at night.


When is it colder in Marrakech?

During the winter period, temperatures are lower. In January and February, the average temperature is between 18°C and 19°C. It can get cold at night, so we recommend always carrying a jacket.


What should I take into account when visiting the country?

Be respectful of their traditions, don’t wear revealing clothing, and there’s no problem wearing shorts during the day.


If we need help with plans during our stay, can you help us?

Of course, we want your stay to be unique and unforgettable. Our reception team provides concierge service to recommend and book restaurants, guides, tours, museums, golf, private dinners at the hotel, excursions, desert tours, quad, buggy, golf…


Is smoking allowed in the rooms?

It is absolutely forbidden. Our rooms are filled with fabrics, wood, and fine materials, and out of respect for their maintenance and non-smoking guests, it is prohibited. However, we have plenty of outdoor spaces with many ashtrays distributed throughout the hotel.


Do you accept animals?

The hotel is not prepared to accept animals.


Do you have rooms for more than 3 people?

Yes, we have rooms for up to 5 people.


In which rooms can an extra bed be installed?

We have extra beds that can be added to most rooms.


Do you have cribs?

Yes, we have cribs for babies with their bedding. Request it when making your reservation.


Do you have connecting rooms?

Yes, the category is called Garden Lodge.


Do you have hair dryers?

Yes. In all rooms.


Do the rooms have a safe?

All our rooms have a safe inside the closet.


Do you have laundry service at the hotel?

Yes, in all rooms there is a laundry list. Please call our staff with the golden button and they will come to pick up your dirty clothes.


What are the breakfast hours?

Breakfast is served from 8am to 11am and is served at the table.


What can you offer me outside of these hours?

The room service and pool menu is available from 8 am to midnight.


I am allergic to some foods. What options do you have available?

Indicate your allergies by email and we will provide solutions. We have bread, pasta… for celiacs and other options.


Why is the rate cheaper on the hotel’s official website?

Because there are no intermediaries.


What forms of payment does the hotel accept?

Visa, Mastercard, cash or transfer at the time of your check out.


How safe is the city of Marrakech?

Being Marrakech a medium-sized city, its neuralgic center, the souk is full of tourists. And thanks to tourism, many families in the city live, which is why the government has control of the city with police, special forces, and plainclothes police. Like in any city, don’t leave bags, backpacks, pockets, or mules open or unattended.


If something happened to us, are there reliable hospitals?

Private healthcare is completely Europeanized. We recommend two: International Hospital of Marrakech: +212 05243-69595 Clinique le Marrakech: +212 (0) 524 39 65 65


What is eaten in Marrakech?

Local food is considered one of the best in the world along with French, Chinese, and Spanish cuisine. Chicken mille-feuille called pastella, beef or lamb tajine, vegetable cous cous… are dishes you can’t miss. Order it to your taste more or less spiced. Moroccans are very sweet-toothed and are experts in desserts, where they use a lot of almonds and honey. Don’t miss them! Also, when you are saturated with this food, most restaurants offer international dishes, French or Italian…


How do I contact the hotel?

Call +212524375121 or +212611292745 if it’s urgent and if not write us an email at info@casaabracadabra.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.